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Denise has had a life-long Passionate to teach women how to recognize danger and how to keep themselves safe. This passion grew out of growing up in a big city where safety was always stressed. Also, Denise’s first husband was a police officer who often told her stories of women in dangerous or abusive situations, which further fueled her passion to keep women safe.

  •  ​over 20 years of experience in training women to better themselves and their businesses
  • ​Just like you Denise is a  normal person who loves to work out and is in constant battle to stay healthy  and be safe while trying lose those elusive 10 pounds
  • Created a check list of items to help keep you safe when you are outdoors
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My Favorite Personal Protection Products

Stun Devices

The sound that the stun device emits can be intimidating enough to deter a would-be attacker

  • Fits on your keychain
  • Proprietary in-house design
  • ​Disable Pin prevents the stun device from being used against you

Pepper Spray

Enables you to defend yourself while keeping a safe distance from an attacker

  • Safety feature prevents accidental discharge
  • Shoots up to 16 feet
  • Locking nozzle for safety

Personal Alarm

Personal alarm that can alert others for assistance in a variety of emergencies.

  • ​Automatic easy pull alarm
  • 120-decibel 
  • Keychain ring included 

Striking Tool

Increase the power of any defensive strike

  • No-slip grip contour
  • Ultra slim profile
  • Durable and light weight

Step Off Door Alarm

If someone tries to open your door or window, this will sound a 120-decibel alarm to wake you and scare the intruder off.

  • ​Goes anywhere you go
  • For doors and windows
  • Keeps you safe in a hotel
  • Perfect for dorm rooms or an apartment
  • ​No installation needed

Junk in the Trunk

This kit contains everything you would need for a roadside emergency!

  •  Playing cards
  • ​Tire pressure gauge
  • ​Bungee cord
  • ​Waterproof matches
  • ​Reflective triangle
  • ​Flashing strobe light* 
  • ​LED head lamp*​
  • ​Heavy-duty snow/ice scraper
  • ​First aid kit
  • ​Dual-function screwdriver (flat and Phillips)
  • ​ Emergency blanket
  • ​Adult-sized Rain poncho
  • ​Heavy-duty 8-gauge teal & black (250A amp rating) 10-foot-long jumper cables
  • ​Heavy-duty reflective zip up case

​* (3-AAA batteries not included) 

Rechargeable Flash Light

This emergency auto tool belongs in every vehicle that you and your loved ones drive.

  •  High pitched alarm
  • ​Includes USB wall and car charger and a powerbank to charge other electronics
  • ​Built-in magnets attach to the metal on the side or top of the vehicle
  • ​Sharp blade to cut seat belt for emergency escape or to quickly free a child from a car seat in an emergency
  • ​Strobe and LED flashlight
  • ​Emergency flashing beacon for roadside emergencies
  • Strike-free punch glass-breaker

Safelee Sleave

Slide this innovative safety item into any backpack or bag for firearm coverage

  • Bullet resistant panel constructed from UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) sheets 
  • 5 year manufacturing warranty. Incident replacement with a Police Report
  • ​10 inches x 12 inches x .5 inches in size
  • ​Approximately 1pound 1 ounce in weight
  • ​Polyester outer cover
  • Built to comply with National Institute of Justice Standard 0101.06 Level IIIA