Meet Denise Smith

• Denise has had a life-long Passionate to teach women how to recognize danger and how to keep themselves safe. This passion grew out of growing up in a big city where safety was always stressed. Also, Denise’s first husband was a police officer who often told her stories of women in dangerous or abusive situations, which further fueled her passion to keep women safe.

• Denise joined Damsel in Defense to expand her safety education portfolio. Damsel in Defense (DID) has the same goals as Denise to keep women safe. DID offers personal protection products that pair well with Denise’s safety training.

• Denise has over 20 years of experience in training women to better themselves and their businesses. She started out teaching women how to improve their business but after meeting with so many women and hearing their stories, Denise realized that helping them keep themselves safe is her real passion

• Denise prides herself as a normal person who loves to work out and is in constant battle to stay healthy and lose those elusive 10 pounds. Because of her crazy schedule Denise’s main source of exercise is walking or running outdoors, she also travels often and loves to explore new cities. Because of this, Denise has developed a check list of items that she goes through each time she is outdoors.
• This checklist keeps her out of danger, and it can help you too.