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Be a Part of a Community of Other Health Minded Goddesses
Just Like You

Types of Memberships

Founding Member

  • You will have the unique ability to help shape the content of your program with things that are important to you
  • Your membership will be grandfathered so your monthly cost will never go up*
  • Free download of the app
  • ​​ 20% off all merchandise
  • ​​ Free Thunderstruck shirt
  • ​​ Founding members only Facebook page. This is a safe zone where you can ask questions, get advice or just discuss the new exercise fad without judgement
  • ​​ Downloadable Exercise planner
  • ​​ Everything included in the regular membership too!!!

Regular Membership

  • Weekly email with weight loss tips for regular people, easy recipes, ‘eat this, not that’ recommendations, how to move more suggestions and much more….
  • You will have access to the Thunderstruck library (Recipes, Weight Loss Tips for Regular People, Research/Articles/Blogs, Etc.)
  • Entry into drawings for periodic giveaways
  • ​Online networking sessions with other health conscientious members
  • ​​ Monthly backstage pass (video) You will see what really goes on when we try new exercises, recipes and more
  • ​ We show you how to get healthy on a budget
  • ​​ And much more as additional features are added….

Today is Your Day!


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We spent the time trying out a whole lot of fad exercises so and figured out which ones are long lasting and which ones we will never try again.

We will share our stories with you and we will show you what worked for us and what we will never do again.

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We search for tasty but easy recipes that will help you on your health journey and will also fit into your day-to-day routine.

We will share our stories with you and we will show you what worked for us and what we will never do again.

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This is a non-judgmental membership where you can come and ask your health related questions without fear.

Join the FUN!!!!


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